Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome to the Blogger Version of The Evangelical Calvinist

I hope the trek over here wasn't too difficult. You can update your RSS feeds and if you follow via email, you can update that by requesting that in the appropriate area in my new sidebar. I hope the Blogger host serves the interests of my blogging and our interaction in the days to come, without any cumbersome issues to stand in the way. And I look forward to getting some fresh posts up really soon; I have some in mind for the doctrine of Resurrection. Welcome!


  1. Wow, I see my name under "comment as:"

    Holding breath, squinting, crossing fingers as I hit the "publish" button...

  2. Made the trip and will update my links soon! ;-)

  3. I'm in Bobby. Link is updated.

  4. @Kc,

    Great, thank you!


    Sweet, thank you!


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